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The American Chamber of Commerce in HK

1904 Bank of America Tower, 12 Harcourt Road
Central, Hong Kong

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Teléfono: +852 25306919
Persona de Contacto: Natalie Yu
Anxiety is the one of the most common mental-health disorders in the world today – for teens and adults. In a recent article, the NY Times state that over the last decade anxiety has overtaken depression as the most common reason college students seek counselling services. *And, in a recent survey, the American College Health Association found that in 2016 62% of college undergrads report “overwhelming anxiety,” up from 50% in 2011. **On average, teens reported their stress level, when reported on a ten-point scale, is higher than that of adults. What is causing this and what can be done about it? Social media and smartphones play a role, but is there more? Unfortunately, this trend is no surprise to experts who work with teens. They say that the pressures of schoolwork, social life, sports or other activities — combined with a relentless media culture — mean that young people may be tenser than ever before. As parents and teachers, it is our responsibility to provide the right kind of environment and level of support for our students; to help them prepare for the future with balance and coping strategies and encouraging them to enjoy their free moments, unencumbered by anxiety. Easier said than done!

AmCham invites you to join us for the second in a three-part Health & Wellness series that focuses on teen stress. We are honored to welcome a distinguished panel of speakers who, through their jobs in schools and NGOs, work every day on the front lines, seeing first-hand the impact stress and anxiety have on today’s youth. Through a facilitated panel discussion and Q & A, our speakers will help us deepen our understanding of the issues with which our teens are dealing as well discussing ways in which we can all help to address the issue.

Light refreshment included

Hosted by the Education Committee

*NY Times, October 11, 2017 “Why are More American Teenagers Than Ever Suffering from Severe Anxiety?” Benoit Denizet-Lewis
  • Mark Gandolfi (Executive Director, St. John’s Cathedral Counseling Service)

    Mark Gandolfi

    Executive Director, St. John’s Cathedral Counseling Service

  • Stephanie Passamonte (High School Counselor, Hong Kong International School)

    Stephanie Passamonte

    High School Counselor, Hong Kong International School

  • David Sheehan (Director of Pastoral Care, Nord Anglia International School, Hong Kong)

    David Sheehan

    Director of Pastoral Care, Nord Anglia International School, Hong Kong

  • Sky Siu (Executive Director, KELY Support Group)

    Sky Siu

    Executive Director, KELY Support Group



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Cancellation Policy
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•    When Typhoon 8 (or above) or Black Rainstorm Signal is hoisted, all events will be cancelled