The "visible hand" of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) was essential in the early phase of China's reform and opening to ensure a gradual transition from a centrally planned economy to a market economy. Today, the slowing economy faces a precarious juggling act: keeping the state capitalism model in force while implementing more liberalizing reforms. Corporate governance is critical for sustaining growth; SOEs' roles have been reinforced, however, in light of the ongoing trade conflict with the U.S. and China's ambition to become a global leader in innovation and technology.

In this 40th anniversary of Chinese economic reform series, Dan Rosen, Founding Partner of Rhodium Group, will present key findings of the group's joint report with Asia Society Northern California titled Missing Link: Corporate Governance in China's State Sector. He will also offer an objective assessment of China's economic reform progress and explain how SOEs rationalization is important, not only for China's own growth potential, but also for players investing in, cooperating with or competing against Chinese firms globally.

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About the Missing Link: Corporate Governance in China's State Sector report

"This new Asia Society Northern California and Rhodium Group report applies original data and new sources to illuminate how China's SOEs are governed. It examines state firms in the context of China's economic and political system, summarizes the past and present of SOE corporate governance, and analyzes key players in China's government and at the company level—boards of directors, Party committees, and top executives. The report outlines concrete steps forward to advance reform and identifies the obstacles that these efforts face."


  • Dan Rosen (Founding Partner at Rhodium Group)

    Dan Rosen

    Founding Partner at Rhodium Group

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