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4:00-5:30pm. Getting into the Ivy League is devilishly difficult. But an outstanding application can definitely make it easier.
The Common Application (widely known as Common App) is accepted by most of the US universities, including the Ivy League (Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, UPenn, Yale) and other top universities, such as Stanford UChicago, Caltech, Northwestern, and Johns Hopkins. It is a web-based form in which students present personal, academic, and activity data.
The Common App looks deceptively simple and students always overlook its importance in the admissions process. An outstanding application can make a difference.
Why do some students seem to have the 'secret code" for getting into the top universities in the US, while others just don't seem to have applications that scream 'Superstar"? What do Superstar students put into the Common App that helps them to stand out from the rest?
This interactive workshop will help parents and students understand how top universities (their admissions officers) 'read between the lines" of the Common App to uncover a student's academic, extracurricular, and personal strengths—and potentials.
Participants will learn what top universities—especially the Ivies—seek from successful candidates. Parents will also learn how professional admissions consultants decode the Common Application and develop an action plan to make their students into superstars both in and out of the classroom.
Dr. Montgomery will share several 'Superstar" case studies with the audiences, explain what turns a student into a superstar, and demonstrate how successful students and parents approach the entire university admissions process.
Dr. Montgomery will help participants:
View applications from the perspective of Top US Universities Identify the qualities of a Superstar Applicant Understand how 'academic" and 'non-academic" qualities differentiate an applicant Review successful 'Superstar" case studies Develop a personalized action plan
Plus, Dr. Montgomery will share the '12 Essential Elements" of a successful university application, and identify ways in which parents and/or students can prepare to maximize each element to lead to outstanding results.
First 15-20 minutes is for networking
Light refreshment included


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