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12:00-1:45pm. Literally translating as wind-water   from Chinese, Feng Shui has been practiced for at least 1700 years in Asia before becoming popular in the West in the 1980s.
In Asia, and in particular in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan, Feng Shui principles play an important role when designing an office or commercial space. The 'How" and 'Why" of Feng Shui usually remains a complete mystery to foreigners who work in Asia, and is very often just dismissed as superstition or pseudo-science. When practiced correctly and according to the classical and authentic Feng Shui principles, however, Feng Shui has much more to do with common sense and sustainability than we might suspect at first glance.
An experienced Feng Shui Master will not only take the inside of your office into account, but will also look at the external environment, the neighboring buildings, the particular shape and type of your office building, the nature of the industry you work in, as well as the key personnel working in your office, etc. before making any recommendations.  This makes Feng Shui not only very versatile, but also highly customizable.
While there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, there are nevertheless some general Feng Shui guidelines every office can implement with relative ease to simply allow for a smoother Qi flow. This talk will give a brief introduction to Feng Shui and focus on a few do's and don'ts and how to implement subtle Feng Shui methods to increase your business' efficiency.
First 15-20 minutes is for networking
Sandwiches and beverages included
Hosted by the Real Estate Committee


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