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As a leader, you're in a constant quest to make improvements. Whether you want to boost your personal performance, increase your organization's growth and productivity, upgrade its products and services, or simply better your work/life balance, it's possible that you're not getting the best return on your efforts due to one missing component: innovation.

Before you let that concept chase you away, realize that it's really quite simple to maximize outcomes without loads of extra effort using this magical, even mystical 'additive" innovation, especially when you've got the right leadership-thinking tools.

In this program, author, inventor, and consultant David Goldsmith shares with you five essential tools that will take you from good to exceptional in almost no time at all.
You will learn:

·         How to develop a culture of innovation in your organization, even if you're a team of one!

·         How mistaking creativity for innovation can dampen outcomes, and ways you can tell the difference between the two.

·         Six practical activities you can do today to gather and retain innovative ideas that you can use to upgrade your organization, career, and life.

·         Fun but powerful ways triggers to jumpstart and sustain innovative thinking.

·         Four common mistakes leaders make that smother innovative thinking and what you can do now to quickly overcome them.

Whether you're an expert innovator or have never considered innovation to be on your radar in the past, this is a fast-paced, full-content program that is sure to broaden your scope of opportunities and forever improve the outcomes from your efforts.


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