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12:00-1:45pm. This program teaches leaders how to use a little-known but incredibly reliable tool to produce superior solutions and opportunities: it's called Redefining . In essence, Redefining is a means of helping a person ask the right questions all the time so that they can get better answers. You (and every decision maker, for that matter) should utilize this must-have leadership tool before you create a plan and even more importantly, before you even consider executing. The power you derive from this tool is twofold. First, inherently you gain the immediate ability to identify your real challenges by delineating them from their imposters—assumptions, symptoms of challenges, lower-priority issues, etc. Second, Redefining's process directs you to ALWAYS ask the right question reason, quickly putting you on the path to deriving the vastly better solutions and opportunities than you would have otherwise.
In this presentation on Redefining, you will learn:
How to improve every decision you make. What it takes to transform an entire organization in a year (or less).
The common diverters that cause you to make poor or inferior decisions. The 6 'Challenge Statement" tests that vet your options. How the Economics of Thinking leverages your talent and the talent of those around you. How thinking with the end in mind is only half the lesson. Why asking WHY often leads to the wrong solutions or missed opportunities.
Once you learn about Redefining, you'll understand why it is such an important decision-making tool. Furthermore, this program will give you every step and instruction so that as soon as you return to your work, you can approach your everyday questions, quandaries, meetings, interactions, challenges, opportunities, and decisions with it. When you consider just how often you face decision points throughout a single day, just imagine the power that this tool will put in your hands to shape the present and future of your organization, career, life, and all the people who are affected by your decisions. In addition, you can easily transfer this tool to others to multiply its amazing potential to transform individuals and groups within a very short time.


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