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12:00-1:45pm. Given the wide range of situations that require you to express yet-to-be-realized concepts, i.e. the invisible, wouldn't it be great to have a set of proven  leadership selling tools  upon which you can draw to ensure that you get the right people on board with your future initiatives? 
These types of tools are the take-aways you will learn this dynamic program presented by international consultant and author of  Paid to THINK,  David Goldsmith. A sampling of tools that you can apply in a multitude of situations are:
A Leadership Sales Methodology that wins a series of 'yesses" until you secure the final sale. Pathways within Leadership Sales to expand your opportunities. A Buy-In Chart that wins supporters within groups. And more exciting ways to overcome barriers, gain acceptance, and move forward!
Perhaps you've never viewed yourself in this way, but as a leader, you are the quintessential salesperson. Regardless of whether you ever directly sell your organization's products and services, you are continuously engaged in necessary activities that will gain buy in from the people who ultimately play a role in converting your ideas to realities.
If you pause to consider the range of people that you must encounter at any given time—other leaders and colleagues, vendors, shareholders, funders, project managers, board members, front-line workers, etc.—and the variety of messages and delivery modes you output to acquire their cooperation and participation, you can easily feel like a 'sales" machine that never uses its OFF switch.
With so much of your potential success riding on your ability to sell your ideas, it may surprise you to learn that the majority of leaders have never taken a single sales course!
Successfully Selling Your Ideas is a critical component of acquiring buy in from the right people at the right times, regardless of a leader's current desired outcomes. Attend this program to stock up on leadership selling tools and rapidly advance from where you are to where you want to be presently and in years to come.


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