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8:00-9:30am. Have you ever wondered why most people look in the direction of oncoming traffic before crossing the road? This action is performed automatically, without the slightest hesitation, because we fear we might be hit by a truck if we don't watch out. We're not paralyzed by fear of being struck. We recognize the risk, and mitigate it by simple, proactive, adaptive behaviour we have acquired through lessons we have learned by directly observing or gaining knowledge about mistakes of others. Our daily routines include many similar survival actions we know are necessary for avoiding danger.
However, risks are not always routine.
Unpredictable acts of violence strike now not only in the war-torn Middle East, where the world has learned to expect terrorist actions and violence, but also at Starbucks in Jakarta, at an office holiday luncheon in Southern California and at a short distance from the Louvre Museum in Paris, the 'City of Light".
Contemporary risks have intensified as high-profile incidents of terrorism and violence seem to be on the rise, so, new survival techniques should be added to our protective arsenal. To accomplish this, it is important to work through the paradoxical challenges presented by oversaturated media coverage of terrorist acts which serve to both inform and desensitize news audiences. We don't have to be frozen by fear, but we do need to be aware, and adapt.
First 15-20 minutes is for networking
Light breakfast included


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