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Episode 1 – Mar 26:

Small business, big markets: how to reach new and big audience online amid the fight against the virus offline? 

本小利大: 善用O2O克服疫境

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Since last year, retail shops and restaurants in Hong Kong experienced the worst drop in business. Some had to close down their shops, but some have thrived. How did they overcome the challenge? With Hong Kong's exuberantly high costs, how do small businesses innovate and maximize profits by incorporating both offline and online elements in a smart way?

Join us and learn from our experts on their experience in helping small businesses succeed and excel in such difficult times.

This session will be conducted in English.

Episode 2 – Apr 9:

Real life sharing on smart retail: how to turn a visitor into a buyer and into a VIP member?

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Join AmCham's second episode of Facebook Live session with top-notched executives from DBS Bank, Fimmick, Facebook, moderated by a seasoned anchor, in mastering the secret ingredient to success in customer retention; and how tracking and understanding consumers' preferences by using big data will enhance their shopping experience in brick-and-mortar stores. The session will also cover a variety of simple, cost-effective and measurable marketing solutions and success stories that all can learn from. This session will be conducted in Cantonese.



Episode 3 – Apr 16:

Expand your brand presence in online world / finding the right marketing channel and campaigns for your business

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Millennials and Gen Z are now the biggest group of spenders and dominate conversations on marketing strategies. Retail is no longer a face-to-face business, while online marketing through social media platforms has become the key to engage with young consumers. How can a business be sure it is targeting the right audience, and sell with the right language? Join this episode and hear from leaders across the industries for tips in engaging their customers. 

This session will be conducted in Cantonese.



Episode 4 – Apr 23:

What are the challenges and opportunities for SMEs to go global, especially as COVID-19 intensifies?

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It used to be a big challenge for SMEs and startups to go global given their size in a highly competitive business environment. The rise of social media and e-commerce have fundamentally transformed traditional business models and helped SMEs to maximize their global reach at minimal cost.

What are the challenges and opportunities for SMEs to go global, especially as COVID-19 intensifies? How can they deal with potential logistics difficulties? Join this panel of experts who will share real life experiences on the strategy for companies looking to expand beyond the Hong Kong market.

This session will be conducted in Cantonese.


在競爭激烈的商業環境下,中小企及初創企業以往走出去存在巨大挑戰。隨著社交媒體與電子商務的興起,傳統商業模式被徹底顛覆,進而讓中小企業以最低成本實現全球化。 如今,COVID-19正蔓延全球,中小企面對逆境應如何把握機遇脫穎而出,邁向世界?他們又如何克服潛在的物流風險?行業專家將與觀眾分享企業拓展香港以外市場的實戰經驗。

Finale – June:

The future of Hong Kong's retail: A Fireside Chat with a Hong Kong-based CEO

The tectonic shifts in business are driven primarily by disruptive innovation. Companies must adapt to constant changes in order to stay competitive. Hong Kong's retail sector may see its worst period since mid- 2019, could we learn from history and turn the current tides into an opportunity? Can Hong Kong adopt China's innovative retail model to embrace the use of mobile technology throughout customers' retail experience? Join us for a sharing session with a legendary retail leader and learn from him his insights on his company's strategy in O2O retail and the industry trend in the next 5 years.

This session will be conducted in English.