Our 2020 conference will be held on November 13th; in an exciting new format that will combine live and virtual elements. It will feature women working in fields that are crucial to the future of our global world. Think public health/pandemics, biodiversity, diplomacy, gender bias in media…. These are just some of the global issue areas where we as women are focused and are showing leadership to create a better future.


In 2019 our WOI Conference showcased female leaders from beyond the traditional corporate professional backgrounds that we associate with AmCham. 


In 2020, we sharpen our focus on those who are making a difference in our interconnected world. We will draw inspiring examples from our ranks in Hong Kong, and from pioneers around the globe.

Hosted by the Women of Influence Committee


Sponsorship Inquiries: Ryan Hui at rhui@amcham.org.hk or Mimi Shih at mshih@amcham.org.hk 


Live+Virtual Conference
Hong Kong

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For additional event or venue information, please send an email to amchamevent@amcham.org.hk

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